• Generally, after a long time when outdoor LED display is installed,its surface will be covered with dust. If we don’t clear them in time, it will affect the video effect and may cause damage to the device.
  • At this time, many customers can’t help but ask, how is the LED display dirty? do? In fact, the method is very simple, just clean it in time. So what are the tools and steps to clean the LED video wall?

Common cleaning tools for LED video walls are

  1. LED full color screen cleaning liquid, it has the advantages of environmental protection, dustproof, no screen damage and so on. Replacing chemical cleaning agents is an option.
  2. Special tools: spraying machine, pneumatic brush, special cleaning brush, etc.
  3. Cleaning platform: choose to build scaffolding, steel pipe frame, hanging basket, aerial work truck;
    Cleaning steps of outdoor LED display
  4. Dust removal: The dust should be cleaned in the same direction, from left to right or from right to left. Use a professional brush to clean the dust or dirt on the display surface. The cleaning brush has a uniform aerodynamic level, and can be repeatedly cleaned according to the displayed pollution degree and life or aging;
    Second, cleaning: use the spray machine to spray the special cleaning liquid onto the surface of the module for preliminary cleaning.
  5. Dust removal again: Use professional brush to clean the dust on the surface of LED display again. Note: Cleaning needs to be replaced with a brush. The brush can be reused, but it must be cleaned to avoid recontamination.
    4, clean again: spray special cleaning liquid on the module surface, clean again, and remove the dust left by the second dust removal. According to the dirt on the screen, determine the ratio of cleaning solution to water. When there is not much dirt, it can be cleaned with clean water. We should maintain the direction from top to bottom or from right to left.
  6. Air-drying: it can be natural in the absence of special conditions, such as humidity, low temperature and low surface drying, which requires drying;