In December 2019, Gotech produced 10000pcs indoor P4 led display modules for a time tunnel project designed by Mr Wu in Jiangsu,China.
The total project is about 300 square meters,which use 9960pcs P4 indoor modules. The module adopts 256x128mm industry standard
size and is covered with a dust mask. It uses Hongsheng high-performance 1921 lamp , ICN2037 cost-effective IC, NOVA control system and high quality power with CE certification.Compared with other products in the industry, the system has higher brightness,
lower energy consumption and more favorable price.
Some installation diagrams as below:

The total installation time of the project is 4 days, and most of the time is used for steel structure installation. The total installation time of the screen body plus tempered glass is one and a half days.
After installation: